Park Benches, Shed, & Pergola | 2016


If You Build It … They Will Donate Perennials, a Pergola, benches, and a shed!

Our first year in the garden was an exciting one, with lots of activity.   We had a ribbon-cutting ceremony with many of our community partners and school family.  Certificates of Appreciation were given to those who had helped our garden become a reality.  Our ladies from the Garden Club of Dayton fixed wonderful snacks with items taken directly from our garden.  


Attendees feasted on ripe cherry tomatoes and dill dip, mint tea, and chocolate zucchini bread.  It was delicious!  (Link to the DPS facebook post?)We had a “bring your own perennial planting day, which encouraged teachers and staff, and students and their families to share their perennials with us.  By the end of the day, we had planted enough perennials to fill a very large bed.  


In the early fall of that year, our superintendent commissioned the David H.  Ponitz Career Center construction students to build us a large Pergola. 

  This was our first major construction task and led by their teacher, the students did an amazing job!  That first spring, we had 2 robins build a nest on the pergola and our students got to watch the babies.  The pergola is also a welcome bit of shade in the garden when the sun is high, and the students are learning in their outdoor classroom.

On November 11, 2015, fundraising efforts by our Kiser High School Alumni Association provided us with 2 very sturdy and much-needed park benches.   These benches were such a nice addition to our garden and students, as well as staff, enjoy having a place to ponder, share a nice conversation with someone, or enjoy the peace and tranquility of the garden.   We have been very appreciative of this donation, which was donated in honor of Ron Brookey, an alumni member, and Kiser alumni teacher.  You can read an article about this donation in The Kiser Panther January 1, 2016

The IN/KY/OH Regional Council of Carpenters union brought us our next 2 badly needed items.   Their donations consisted of a garden shed, and an elevated garden bed which was built by their female carpenter division.   The elevated bed makes it possible for students in wheelchairs or with mobility issues to plant and tend the garden right alongside their peers.   The shed has been a valuable addition to keep our supplies handy and safe from vandals.


growing vegetables for the community
growing vegetables for the community
growing vegetables for the community
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